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I live in India, recently I visited the USA. When I came back India I am unable to update my android app. It says "This item isn't available in your country" How to I fix it? It seems my google services considering that I am still in the USA.

Please help,

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#1 Mazhar19, Sep 2, 2017
I think you need to re-register your location with the Play Store? Do you have any Indian credit/debit cards registered to your Google Wallet and Play? That was a way I did find to lock it down to one desired country, when I travel internationally.

FWIW for the last few weeks everything Google, including Play, YouTube, Maps etc. has determined I'm always in Romania. I've never been to Romania. This started happening when I returned to China from the UK. Not really a problem for me now as I don't use anything Google much these days, apart from YouTube.

YouTube RO, for Romania.
romanian youtube.jpg

Google Books and I can't read Romanian...
romanian books.jpg

Default Google Maps...Nope, never been there at all...I'm in China. :thumbsupdroid:
romanian maps.jpg

I am using a VPN, but my IP address location for that is in Hong Kong.
#2 mikedt, Sep 2, 2017 Last edited: Sep 2, 2017

Sorry to hijack thread but have you seen this @mikedt ?

Curious to hear your thoughts.

As for the OP I would try logging out of ALL Google services on ALL devices and then logging back in. There is an option to log out of all accounts.

When you log back in try to do the 'find my device' option from the Google play store. Maybe that will force a Geo refresh.
#3 Rob, Sep 2, 2017
How to log out from All Google services? Where to find the setting? Please

Thank You
#4 Mazhar19, Sep 2, 2017
I'm happy to @Rob :)
Google was never completely out of China, I'm sure their main interest here is advertising, including monetizing Android apps with their AdMob etc., because that's always been $$$ to them. It doesn't surprise me at all that they intend to operate a Play Store here and not be blocked, which means complying with all Chinese internet laws. Which is what got most Google services banned in the first place, about 7 years ago now. Apple complies with pretty much everything the Chinese govt decrees, e.g. removing "unregistered" VPN apps from the iTunes China store... https://www.guidingtech.com/70448/apple-bans-vpn-china/

Most Android devices here now come with app stores and services operated by Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba, along with a few others. So they will have some very stiff competition and not everything their own way.

BTW copyright infringing pirate sites are not blocked here, like I don't need to use a VPN to get Pirate Bay in China.
#5 mikedt, Sep 2, 2017 Last edited: Sep 2, 2017
Before you try to log out/log in your Google account on your phone, I'd try to just wipe the caches for the related apps first and then see if that corrects the issue. Could just be a matter where the Google services are just assuming you're still abroad.
To wipe the app caches, go into your Settings >> Application manager, find the relevant apps (likely to be the Google app, Google Play services, and Google Play Store.) and just tap the 'Clear cache' button for each.
You might also want to boot up your phone into its Recovery Mode and wipe the system cache partition. Note the system cache partition is completely separate from where your personal data is stored (/data) so its very safe to do this. As the system cache is dedicated solely to the Android operating system on your phone it might be a matter where clearing the system cache clear up your locale issue.

Also, if you keep the 'Location' service always on, try disabling it and then enabling it again. Could just be the GPS needs to reset itself. If you think the GPS is the issue, there's also this 'GPS Status & Toolbox' app that includes some really useful options to manually do a complete reset of the your phone's GPS:
#6 svim, Sep 2, 2017
Still happening....perhaps I should go there one day, then Google might have other ideas.

google romania.png
#7 mikedt, Sep 12, 2017
One of those things. I had a Dell laptop and one Yahoo account insisted I was in Brazil.
The other one didn't. All spam in Portuguese.
#8 zuben el genub, Sep 13, 2017
The thing is Bing, Baidu, Apple, Yahoo, etc. don't have any problem geo-locating me at all, i.e. Jinan, China. And yet Google still insists I'm in Romania, and this is on both my Android phone and Macbook. But then there have been other reports of Google geo-location been completely broken on AF.

This is my ISP details....which is obviously not Romania.

#9 mikedt, Sep 13, 2017 Last edited: Sep 13, 2017
I've seen that since I simply stick to plain GPS. Some sites can't find me, yet I will be damned if most weather and all astronomy can with no fuss.
#10 zuben el genub, Sep 13, 2017