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Unexpacted stop of Angry Birds

Hello! I had my Acer A500 for 2 years now, and i had Angry Birds up and running on it. Now i gave device to my sister, she uninstalled the game and downloaded a new version, and none of the Angry Birds games would start. It downloaded, but when we start it, it says "Sorry! the application Angry Birds (process com.rovio.angrybirds) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again." I've reported it, as app asked, but i don't know what causing a problem and how i could fix it.
Game was running before - no problem! Any other game - from different developer - works just fine. Please, help! She loves the game.
Thank you!


#1 maruka2011, Apr 25, 2013
Welcome to AF, maruka2011. :ciao:

I moved this thread to the Android Games section. :)

Have you tried clearing the data on it or shutting the phone off and then on again?
#2 Metroid Prime, Apr 25, 2013
Try powering off then on your phone.

If that doesn't work, try uninstall, power down then up, reinstall

If that doesn't work, then you may want to give Rovio a shout to see if there is something else that could be the problem.

If that doesn't work, then you might be looking at factory resetting your phone.

What about other Angry Bird games like Rio, Space and Star Wars? Do those work or is the problem just with the original Angry Birds?
#3 ToySoldier, Apr 25, 2013
its all of the games of the same developer. I've tried clearing the data, turning off and on, re-installing...
#4 maruka2011, Apr 25, 2013
Was there a recent update to your Acer or Angry Birds? The RAM shouldn't be an issue since you have quite a bit of it but I'm thinking it might be device incompatibility due to some new element on the game or device at this point.
#5 ToySoldier, Apr 25, 2013