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Support Unwanted files accumulating in my SD card

1. I see the accumulation of ES File Explorer files like this .es_recycle_test____1437167674902(1) in the SD card of my Moto G. I have three in total: two in August and one in November.
2. I see two files like ramdump_pronto_20151005172101.elf in ss-ram-dumps\bp-dumps\20151005172101 created in October.
What causes them and can/should I delete them?


#1 Bob Hawkins, Nov 9, 2015
Check your es file explorer settings, i think you have the recycling bin feature on (when you delete files/apps es saves them in it's recycling bin kind of like how Windows does it) the other file i have no clue
#2 K Rize, Nov 9, 2015
K Rize
I thank you for your reply. I have 'Enable Recycle Bin Function' checked in Settings>Recycle Bin, certainly. I am unsure whether the files of which I write are created when I empty the recycle bin, perhaps, and whether I can delete them.
#3 Bob Hawkins, Nov 10, 2015
Whenever you delete anything it will be saved to the recycling bin on your sdcard, i don't think you want that to happen, i would turn it off and delete any files in that folder on your sdcard. They have a tendency of accumulating and causing problems if not tended to properly
#4 K Rize, Nov 10, 2015