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Verizon Galaxy S3 to Straight Talk

Okay first off, I am sorry if this is already been covered. I did a quick search and came up close but not what I needed.

The wife and I are tired of paying verizons extreamly high prices. So she sugessted we go to Straight Talk. I opted to be the guinea pig and got a Straight Talk starter pack. I know I know so no need to say should have just bought the sim.

Well I got the phone up and running, well everything but data. I am on edge data right now which is so slow. I called and talked to Straight Talk and they said the reason I am on edge and not 4g is because I am using a Verizon phone with a AT&T sim card. Well that makes sense. So They said i need to buy a AT&T GS3 if I want o have my 4G data, makes sense again.

1) is there a way to get 4g data speeds using a Verizon phone and a AT&T sim?

2) If I bout a AT&T Galaxy S3 would I have complete function of DATA, Phone, and Text?

Once again sorry If this question is asked over and over again.


#1 blazzinbird, Nov 2, 2014
I don't think an AT&T SIM card will work in a Verizon phone. BYOP for Verizon LTE should be rolling out closer to Thanksgiving, from what I've read online.
#2 epp, Nov 2, 2014
Ok, so if I bought a AT&T phone that was unlocked, would everything work?
#3 blazzinbird, Nov 3, 2014
I bought a Verizon S3 LTE today from a repair shop. On straight talks website it said it was compatible when I put the phones serial number (IMIE). Bought the sim card I needed but when i called straight talk they say it wont work. They said it was compatible untill i said it was the LTE. I think that they just didn't want it on their data because it gives off wifi. I dont know if that helps you or not but atleast they let you do it instead of wasting your money like I did.
#4 ran77, Nov 6, 2014
so where do I get one of those verizon sim for straight talk? Heres my issue, I've got a straight talk GS3, I have custom firmware for the verizon s3 on it, its a straight talk phone on straight talk but it won't get data until a sim is inserted, doesn't have to be active just inserted then it gets the APNs, only problem is the stock MMS does not work. Voice, sms and data work no problem but mms doesn't, tried editing APNs every way possible, even switching APN xml from stock in the custom rom but nothing. I and others that I know in the android community have been around this and around this and get nothing. Changed all network options still nothing. A third party app for mms works fine though so it seems to be in the type of sim, the ROM itself or its in the stock messaging app, the firmware is for the verizon s3 which is a 4g CDMA phone that has the micro sim slot, even though the verizon phone is CDMA it is designed to have the sim card so it will get LTE service, so this has something to do with why I have to have the sim for it to work on my phone because the firmware is designed to require it but the phone that the firmware is on is a 3g device, how do I get a sim to make stock mms work or get it to work without the sim, a friend gave me a straight talk activation kit but it has at &t/ t- mobile sims, I need a sim that is compatable with verizon that will work on my phone, I don't need to activate it I just need one thst will get the right APNs for everything to work or figure where an edit needs to be implemented. Any ideas? Thanks
#5 Droidriven, Dec 2, 2014