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Support < waiting for device > infinite hang in adb/fastboot

I have read so many guides over the last month on flashing using adb/fastboot. I do adb devices, it pops up the s/n but when I do the fastboot flash system (or recovery or boot) I get this returned:

< waiting for device >

it will stay like that no matter how long I let it sit!

if anyone knows the solution, knows what i'm doing wrong or whatever it is, please reply promptly, I have been screwing with this for a month and it seems as if there is no solution, that I can find anyway.


#1 trongo1984, Jun 26, 2013
I know zero about your phone but I do know a thing or two about adb. Just to be sure, when it comes to fastboot, you have fastboot selected while in the bootloader correct? If so, it sounds like you could be missing the proper driver for fastboot recognition. I'm afraid I have no clue where to direct you if that's the case other than you could try Koush's universal adb/fastboot driver if you run Windows. To verify if fastboot is working before issuing a flash command, I prefer to run fastboot devices command instead. Other thing to check is that fastboot file is located in the directory you're issuing the commands from. Likely platform-tools if you're using the full SDK. ADB and fastboot should both be located there.
#2 iowabowtech, Jun 26, 2013
i'm a newbie to this, I downloaded mini adb/fastboot and adb/fastboot pulled from the sdk, both were posts on androidforums
#3 trongo1984, Jun 26, 2013
Sounds good, although depending on which version you've downloaded and which version of the Android OS you are on (namely jellybean), you may need to run a newer version of adb/fastboot. So just to be sure, you are actively in the bootloader > fastboot selected when issuing the fastboot commands right?
#4 iowabowtech, Jun 26, 2013
Assuming you're running Windows, here is Koush's universal adb/fastboot driver in case you want to give it a shot:


What are you specifically running for a PC by the way? (Win7, 8, Linux, etc)
#5 iowabowtech, Jun 26, 2013
Hai friend I am new to androiforum

I found some trick when I installed cyanogenmod 11 for my Xperia M

You may try opening command prompt with administrative previllages
Then check whether the device in fastboot, it can be possible by typing command "fastboot devices" if it displays serial number in left side then you are in fastboot.
#6 Muthu_androider, Aug 10, 2014
In Windows, I had to update to Android Bootloader Interface driver, then fastboot started seeing my device,

Hope that helps,
#7 funtimes, Nov 12, 2014
Here is the link to the instructions I followed:

How to Set Up ADB / Fastboot with Android SDK for Any Andorid Device on Windows 7 & Windows 8
#8 funtimes, Nov 12, 2014