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Was Einstein a fraud and a thief?

I have heard from many people that Einstein was indeed a fraud... but how true is it?

I have heard many people say he was only a level 3 patent clark in Switzerland and apparently not even the best kind of patent clark... because he failed to reach level 2 status because it was said his understanding of mechanical engineering was too limited...

Did he steal the ideas from many real and genuine scientists from seeing their work in the patent office?

What do you think - do you think he was an ugly scum bucket, good for nothing, low life thieving criminal?



#1 Stinky Stinky, Sep 12, 2017
#2 Dannydet, Sep 12, 2017
Are you kidding? Einstein is the definitive genius. General Relativity is one of the greatest pieces of work in modern science.
He might have been a second rate patent clerk, but in terms of visionary genius, he really nailed it.
#3 LV426, Sep 12, 2017
No I am not kidding.

It seems that there are multiple sources that say he stole his work from other people... many scientists died in the world wars... who knows how much he stole from deceased scientists while he was in the patent office?

Many people even published their work before him... many people idolize him... but I am not too sure myself...

I am also wondering now that maybe he was a butt ugly thief.
#4 Stinky Stinky, Sep 12, 2017
Theoretical physics doesn't turn up in patent offices though.... In fact it can't even be patented.
#5 psionandy, Sep 12, 2017
True, and no doubt he was inspired by other ideas, that's how scientific research works - it builds on the discoveries of others. I'm sure Einstein included credits and references to other papers etc used in his theories.
#6 LV426, Sep 12, 2017
Well what about all the published works from other scientists?

Well there seem to be far too many reports of people saying that they published their scientific theories way before Einstein ever did... this is scary...

That alone is a big reason to be concerned.

He also married his cousin I mean that's really ****ed up - excuse my French but it is not something a smart person would do hey.

Apparently he also cheated on his wife with his cousin... he seems very dodgey to me... such dishonest behavior surely could very well mean he was more than happy to steal other people's work...

I am just saying maybe there is method to such "madness"?

Sometimes I don't always agree with people but then I try hard to see their point of view... like when I thought investing was smart but now I don't lol :) (thank you psionandy :D )

Also Thomas Edison was a patent troll who stole his ideas from many people like Tesla yet he is hailed as a "hero" and a so called "genius" but he was yet another butt ugly mother ****er that just stole from other people... how can someone liek this even sleep at night?

He is another one of these so called "heroes of science" but I think he was just a scum bucket thief.

Maybe Einstein is the same?

So many times in history have many real and genuine authentic people have been robbed of their hard work and other con artists and liars have stolen other people's incredible genius.

I am just saying... maybe there is truth to their so called "madness"?
#7 Stinky Stinky, Sep 12, 2017
That's a long scattergun list of accusations and conspiracies....

Which one would you like us to debunk first?
#8 psionandy, Sep 12, 2017
Are you really sure that anyone landed on the moon? :D
#9 LV426, Sep 12, 2017
Go for any one that floats your boat I don't mind :)

Well he did take a lot of Tesla's ideas and claimed them as his own. He was known to be dodgey like that...

There is definitely some evidence of this...


Look all I am saying is that some people have definitely done dishonest deeds in the past.

I don't think he is as great as some people think he is but you are welcome to disagree.

He even tried to deceive people that AC was dangerous and that DC was far superior...

He electrocuted an elephant just to "prove" AC was more dangerous just to put Tesla to shame... I mean how low can you get?

I think he was quite the dishonest jerk.

#10 Stinky Stinky, Sep 12, 2017
Dishonest? I don't think Einstein was dishonest. One of his more infamous quotes was "You know, I only ever had one good idea." Of course most of modern physics is built upon it, but Albert never claimed to be the end-all and be-all and freely admitted that his work was only part of the "great scientific enlightenment" of the 20th century.

Einstein also played the violin (rather poorly) and rarely wore socks. And when he was living in Princeton NJ, he shopped at Sears. I know this, because when my father was in Seminary there, my mom paid the bills as a cashier at Sears and would occasionally check him out. She never said what he was buying, but it wasn't socks. ;)
#11 lunatic59, Sep 12, 2017
Now Tesla was a very clever guy, but I remember some documentary I watched on TV, and I think he died in relative obscurity, and someone else took the credit for his work. I could be making this up though, who knows?
Then again, he did get an SI unit named after him, so that's immortality right there.
#12 LV426, Sep 12, 2017
Not to mention a very cool line of electric cars.

#13 lunatic59, Sep 12, 2017
^^^ I so want one.
#14 Clementine_3, Sep 12, 2017
So does my son. They have a showroom nearby and he drools over them. But, they start at $70k ... I think only @Stinky Stinky could afford it. ;)
#15 lunatic59, Sep 12, 2017
The 3's are "only" 35k plus extras plus the power upgrades/supply/electrician. I am kicking myself for not putting a deposit down a while ago. I'm going to need a car and now the wait will probably be too long. Le sigh.
#16 Clementine_3, Sep 12, 2017
You don't need to worry about scientists who were killed in the world wars because Einstein published 2 of his 3 most famous piece of work (the Special Theory of Relativity and his work on the photoelectric effect) before WW1.

Of course his work built on the work of others. His work on the photoelectric effect took Planck's hypothesis of the quantisation of light (postulated to deal with the problem posed by the black body spectrum) and showed how it would also explain the classically inexplicable features of the photoelectric effect. His work on the special theory didn't invent the relativistic coordinate transformation - that's why it's called the Lorentz transform rather than the Einstein transform - but showed how the very complicated conceptual framework that had come from could be replaced by the much simpler postulate that the speed of light (predicted by Maxwell) was the same for all inertial observers, with everything else following from that. The General Theory of relativity, which was his real master work, was (as the name suggests) an extension of the ideas behind Special Relativity.

But that's how science works. I know no serious scientist who questions the value of his work or insights, even where they proved wrong (e.g. his attempts to argue against the non-locality of quantum mechanics inspired some very profound theoretical and experimental work, even if the result was that his way of understanding it was not how reality works). However, I do get dozens of crank emails each year trying to tell me why relativity and quantum mechanics are wrong. The number of sites posting a story or idea is not really a good guide to its veracity: pick any conspiracy theory that you know is crazy and see how many sites you can find supporting it.
#17 Hadron, Sep 12, 2017 Last edited: Sep 12, 2017
Hey Hadron thanks buddy interesting response! ... Hmm very very interesting

I am no conspiracy theorist lover but sometimes I do wonder a little bit lol :)

For example many times in the past have great ideas been stolen from those who initially invented (or even theorised) all sorts of concepts and ideas... of course inspiration comes in all kinds of guises and shapes...

All I am saying is maybe there is at least some truth sometimes to what I have read and seen on the internet it gets me thinking... of course you also can't beleive what ever one reads these days but there is some real evidence that people like Nikola Tesla had been robbed and falsely ridiculed / bullied by dishonest people such as Edison when they were clearly in the wrong... these are known facts so I sometimes wonder what kind of lies had been hidden and concealed by famous people such as Einstein himself.

How can a level 3 patent clerk not have good enough understanding of mechanical engineering to not even be upgraded to a level 2?

There is clearly something very odd with such a lack of competency... maybe I am wrong... but something just doesn't seem right...

The world was very ignorant back then way more so than it is now... it was much easier to be dishonest and get away with it and steal other people's work.

Look at how some people came before him and not even no where near as popular as Einstein and wrote about relativity quite a few years earlier to Einstein...

Henri Poincare was quite a few years earlier than Einstein... was Einstein a plagiarist and took all the credit Henri rightfully deserved?



I really don't claim to know everything but I do like to question if someone really is as great as everyone says they are...
#18 Stinky Stinky, Sep 13, 2017
It's a damn shame that Einstein isn't still around, because we could get him on 'Mastermind' or 'Who wants to be a millionaire' and really test his IQ. ;)
#19 LV426, Sep 13, 2017
Yes, Poincare was one of the people who worked out the coordinate transformation under which Maxwell's equations are symmetric - after Lorentz he's probably the first name most physicists would think of in that regard, and although it's generally thought that Einstein did not known of Poincare's 1905 paper (published shortly before Einstein's first paper on the subject) he certainly was aware of earlier work by both Lorentz and Poincare - as would most physicists of the time have been. But the breakthrough in Einstein's work was abandoning the concept of an ether and hence an absolute reference frame and showing that all of those results followed from the postulate that the speed of light in vacuum has the same value all inertial observers, and that conceptual step is one that Poincare never took.

Poincare also proposed that gravitational influences were only transmitted at the speed of light a decade before Einstein published the General Theory of Relativity, but while that was an insight into how the universe might work that one proposal is very different from devising the General Theory from which this prediction would also follow.

I think it would be correct to say that Poincare was a better and more significant mathematician than Einstein. But Einstein's conceptual insights, both into the lack of an absolute reference frame (special relativity) and in understanding gravitation as a consequence of a distortion of space and time (general relativity) were major insights which were not simply a repackaging of other people's ideas. And although he later rejected many of the implications of quantum theory (particularly Bohr's interpretations) he did a lot of significant work in that area: the laser is based on work that he did on the absorption and emission of radiation by atomic states, for example, and he was the first person to propose that a crystal could act as a diffraction grating for electrons (shortly after de Broglie proposed that matter should act as a wave).

But to be honest, I just don't think that a fraud could have bluffed well enough to work and debate with and earn the respect of people like Bohr, Dirac, Schroedinger, Born, Pauli and others of that ilk.

As for his indifferent rating as a patent clark, I could only speculate but "lack of interest" could well explain it (though there certainly are people who are very good at theoretical physics but have little mechanical aptitude).
#20 Hadron, Sep 13, 2017
"I have heard many people say he was only a level 3 patent clark in Switzerland and apparently not even the best kind of patent clark"

Wether Einstein has stolen anything, nothing or everything, what kind of reasoning is that? There are geniuses out there who may understand quantum mechanics easy but cannot order a coffee at Starbuck's by themselves. What does the one says about the other?

Impartially to this topic per se, but I think there must be some more indication before you call someone a fraud...
#21 NBfan32, Sep 14, 2017
Very interesting information Hadron interesting read :)

But... I think it is quite scary how Einstein never added any references to his papers...

It's just a little bit strange but then again maybe I am being a bit too much of a conspiracy theorist...

Many times in History have many great Inventors (theorists - anything that requires deep understanding / thought really) have been cheated by others such as once again Nikola and Edison.

And even to this day many people believe Edison was great - which is seriously up for debate. There clearly was deception and dishonesty and because most people were extremely ignorant nobody actually knew any better back then.

Einstein deliberately never left any references in his work it is as almost as if he was consciously trying to cover his trakcs...

Also he married his first cousin... what kind of "super genius" cheats on his wife with his first cousin and then marries said first cousin?

It seems he is more than capable of dishonest behavior... and looks like tries to conceal certain said dodgey behaviour...

If he really was born ahead of his time then why didn't he understand the extreme genetic dangers and disturbing disorders of incest?

Did he like the idea of having ******** hillbilly children?

How can someone leave rightfully deserving references out from "his" work? This alone is a huge concern to me.

It is a bit too suspicious to me... it's as if he was trying hard to cover his tracks... why did he hardly ever reference any one that so rightfully deserved it?

I repeat... why did he love leaving out references?

Others have no where near the same amount of fame as he does when they rightfully should and it just raises far too many concerns as to why...


Anyway... maybe I am wrong... but I definitely have my doubts that's for sure...

Anyway maybe I am wrong but sometimes I wonder...
#22 Stinky Stinky, Sep 14, 2017
Isn't this post off topic? Don't know about Einstein. But there is a saying:
"If You Steal From One Author, It’s Plagiarism; If You Steal From Many, It’s Research".
#23 JohnElias, Sep 16, 2017 at 2:31 AM
Well not really you can say almost anythign that floats your boat as long as it is not like disgustingly rude :)

But yes it is maybe out of context for a cell phone forum ;)

If you steal / plagiarise then that person is nothing but a fraud and an imposter espcially when it is at such extreme heights like this - that's not research that's just a low life thief that should be buried and forgotten / spat on and not hailed as some kind of hero.

No great "pioneer" should claim to be something that he is not.

If you work hard to do your own research ethically and honestly then that person is truly amazing but if you just take from other people's work and never mention them then you are just nothing but a piece of dishonest scummy trash.

If someone wants to be known for being a great pioneer or totally out of the shell or the first (the best of the best) then don't go and start stealing / plagiarising from others and then claiming it as ones own.

Then that is nothing but an ugly lie.

I think Einstein was artificially propped up.

Pioncare even before Einstein in 1889 (several years earlier to Einstein) at one point wondered if the ether was useless as well... and this was like several years before Einstein...

I could be wrong - I really don't claim to know everything because sometimes I feel like a complete and utter moron haha lol but I do like to question as much as possible :)

I am sure he was good in certain areas... but what is ridiculous is how so many other people have been pretty much forgotten and thrown aside even though they have clearly made such incredible contributions as well... and they are no where near as famous as Einstein...

Something just doesn't seem... right...
#24 Stinky Stinky, Sep 16, 2017 at 7:14 AM
Moved to Off Topic forum.
#25 LV426, Sep 16, 2017 at 7:33 AM