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General Waterproof case - Can't Hear nothing now

After reading some reviews on the Lifeproof, Otterbox Preserver, and Incipio Atlas, I purchased the Incipio. One of the common complaints on each brand, was muffled audio in both the earpiece and microphone. Figured how bad can it be, well? I got the case yesterday, and here's the issue

Bluetooth - unaffected
Speaker - surprisingly unaffected
Earpiece - can barely hear anyone
Microphone - same for anyone on the other end, they can't hear me.

I really like this case. And it appears it ruggedly designed so well, its almost too good, making it useless as a phone. I've read about boosting the audio in the earpiece, and boosting the gain in the mic. Which I know there is a adherent risk of damaging the audio components here. But all those tutorials, were for rooted phones. I've tried about 4-5 non root programs from the market place. None of them do anything other than take up space. My temp solutions are to just use blue tooth exclusively anymore, OR, just take it out of its case, and when I go on my lake this summer, it will be placed temporarily back in, only when needed.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix the audio problem? Or can it be fixed by boosting the mic gain or earpiece level? Or am I just out a few bucks for a waterproof case?


#1 doctorj77, Jan 29, 2014
My solution to water is 2 zip-lock bags. Place the phone in 1 and zip it. Place that one, zip-lock first, in the other one. Zip it.

The plastic isn't thick enough to muffle the audio much, but the double bag is pretty waterproof. Does it look funny? Sure. So did the first guy walking down the street talking to his office by cellphone.
#2 Rukbat, Jan 30, 2014
And the price is right too!
#3 speedlever, Jan 30, 2014
I just bought the LifeProof Nuud for my S4. My daughter tried the LifeProof with her iPhone and had audio issues, but I have had none with my case. Sounds just like it did before with no case. LifeProof has supposedly redesigned the waterproofing around the audio in/out points and fixed the issues.

Anyhow, mine works well in the LifeProof.

#4 BigRedGonzo, Jan 30, 2014