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General What color did you order?

The Pixel 2 comes in three colors: black, white, and kinda blue. I really dig the Kinda Blue. It's not quite as vibrant as the Really Blue from the Pixel. It also has a neat splash of color on the power button.


#1 Joe, Oct 9, 2017
I've gone for the black. I like that the front and the black glass are a deeper colour than last year's model, and generally favour dark phones personally (though had I gone for the XL it would have been the panda/stormtrooper, where I really liked the contrasts and the funky power key).
#2 Hadron, Oct 9, 2017
While I did lust after Really Blue, I think Kinda Blue came out Kinda Lame.
#3 codesplice, Oct 10, 2017
I stand kinda corrected. I think Kinda Blue looks kinda cool in person. Kinda.


I'm still quite happy with my Just Black order, just kinda less disappointed by the "special" color option than I had been.
#4 codesplice, Oct 12, 2017
Black here.
#5 JustinHEMI, Oct 12, 2017
Always, Black...

Did no one else vote?
#6 pstroke, Oct 19, 2017