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General Where are Google (Play) Books Stored on Nexus 7?

I would like to use one reader (Mantano Reader) for all my ePub books from various sources, but can't find the books that came with my N7. I assume the Google reader books are ePub. Thanks.


#1 trankster, Aug 9, 2012
I believe unless you tap the pushpin they are in the cloud. Not sure where they are stored if you enable offline reading.
#2 Unforgiven, Aug 9, 2012
What you will need to do is go to your Google Books account on your computer. Once logged in you can click on the book you would like to put on your Nexus and download it as an ePub or PDF for most books. Then load the book onto the Nexus 7 under a folder that your reader can access...wherever your other ePubs are stored.

The Google Play Books app that comes on the tablet stores them as data that is specific to the Books app and can't be accessed by other apps....at least it can't be to my knowledge.
#3 MSUgEEk, Aug 9, 2012
Is there a limit as to the number of downloads for ePub files? And basically this file could be shared with anyone and everyone... is this not a concern to publishers and such?
#4 zetroc, Aug 9, 2012
I believe all copyrighted content (books, music, magazines, movies, apps) is encrypted to the device so they are not transportable. You can back up and restore on the same device, but they would not play on another device.
#5 Unforgiven, Aug 9, 2012
That worked (downloading ePub from the website and then transferring from the computer to the N7) though I would have preferred a more direct method. This is similar to downloading eBooks from the public library. Thanks.
#6 trankster, Aug 9, 2012
That's not quite accurate. You can install on multiple devices registered to the same owner. I have Nook, Kindle and Kobo books on both my Android phone and N7 Tablet. When you use a different ereader for example Mantano for Nook ebooks, you enter your registered name from your B&N account and the credit card number used for the purchase. Some books are also lendable to other readers on the same platform.
#7 trankster, Aug 9, 2012
You are most welcome.
#8 MSUgEEk, Aug 9, 2012
I made a new folder in Nexus7> Internal Storage, named it Books and dumped a test .mobi file in there. I downloaded FBReader (free), and was surprised when that app gave me instant access to root files on my device..YAY! I navigated to my new Books folder, opened the .mobi file, and the app works perfectly.

Drag & drop seems to work for this device. I hope this issue has been solved for those of us with lots of books waiting to be loaded onto our new, shiny devices.
#9 dynamona, Aug 18, 2012