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Where is E-Book Reader App. on Nextbook

I have a Nextbook Premium 8 Se Tablet purchased from Walmart. My son-in-law will be using it for Sermons. He wants to prepare his sermons using MS Word and then download files to the tablet. According to the manual the Nextbook handles EPUB, TXT,FB2, and RTF type files. MS Word allows files to be saved in several of these formats.

I downloaded a sample file from my computer to the Nextbook, with no problems. Then, I tried follow the procedure for opening the file with the E-Book Reader. According to the manual there was supposed to be an E-Book reader app pre-installed. But when I displayed the apps, I could not find any E-Book reader app.

I have two questions: 1. Do tablets typically come with with the E-Book Reader app? 2. If the E-Book reader was not previously installed on the tablet, what should I do to get an Ebook reader installed on the Nextbook tablet?


#1 txengr, Jun 14, 2013
I have the same problem, there is no e-book reader app shown...What's the deal?
#2 Johnny B, Jul 20, 2013
Some tablets do come with e-book readers, some don't, all depends what the manufacturer decides. E-book reader apps are not a standard part of the Android OS.

There's plenty of e-book readers to choose from on Google Play. Can't recommend any particular one, because that's not something I use.

To address txengr, the OP. I think what you might require is document viewing rather than e-books, i.e. documents created in Word and then viewed on the tablet. I would suggest saving the documents in Word's native .doc or .docx format, and the viewing them on the device with something like Kingsoft Office, which is a free document viewer and office suite for Android.
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You could also save them in PDF from Word, and then could use a PDF viewer. That should also work for what you require.

Don't really know anything about the Nextbook, but as it came from Walmart, I'd guess it's a budget Chinese device. So given probably what it is, it might say it has an e-book app included, but don't always believe it. "Specifications are subject to change without notice."..."Some of the contents in this manual may differ from your device"...yadda...yadda..yadda.
#3 mikedt, Jul 21, 2013