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General Why no infrared on the s3?

I remember when all phones had infrared transmitter/reciever but bluetooth seemed to have taken its place. Now with the new breed of phones, it seems to have become "trendy" again lol. Theyre boasting about how you can use them as a remote control for everything.
Actualy, what i should maybe be asking is why tv remotes etc dont use bluetooth?

This is maybe more suitable for the "random thoughts" thread lol sorry :beer:


#1 funkylogik, Feb 20, 2013
IR blaster is completely different from infrared sensor which use to be on old phone. it is ancient and slow technology which required close contact with devices to do data transfer.

IR blaster is a sensor use for remote control only. not sure if it has any other applications.

the latest versions of bluetooth are still ok but only for small files with few MB. the latest and best way to transfer files is using DLAN although it requires an external wifi connection between devices.
#2 Mackinon, Feb 20, 2013
My BluRay player allows me to control it with my phone over the local network. I get a remote control layout on my phone screen and use it like a regular remote.

I think many devices with do this now.
#3 klinc, Feb 21, 2013
Everything is moving to wifi. Bluetooth is so 1994.
#4 SUroot, Feb 21, 2013
ftfy ;):D
#5 XplosiV, Feb 21, 2013
Awesome :)
#6 SUroot, Feb 21, 2013
Not another new abreviation :( what does "ftfy" mean lol??
#7 funkylogik, Feb 21, 2013
Problem is if, like us, you dont have a router or even home broadband :(
#8 funkylogik, Feb 21, 2013
HTC is bringing IR back on the ONE. But except for TV remote control they're not sure what to do with it. :dontknow:

I personally loved having a universal remote on my HP iPaq Pocket PC. I'd love one on my smartphone.
#9 dontpanicbobby, Feb 22, 2013
My old Nokia N95 symbian phone could set off shop-lifting alarms with a "python" app lol... would that have used infrared or its radio??
If android have a BAROMETER, i think we should have infrared transmitter capable of changin the tv channel :)
#10 funkylogik, Feb 22, 2013
Fixed that for you ;)

I was going to pm ya, but your inbox is full :p
#11 XplosiV, Feb 22, 2013
D'oh. Thanks. Im messy with inboxes mate lol :)
#12 funkylogik, Feb 23, 2013
Hey funky, what'd you get banned for on that other site?
#13 meyerweb, Feb 23, 2013
Mostly for saying what i thought of its mods and staff i think... rule breaking although i dont behave any differntly on here than on there.
They seem to prefer a forum of robots and IMO are pretty racist for an international site :thumbup:
#14 funkylogik, Feb 24, 2013
Yeah, not much of a sense of humor over there.
#15 meyerweb, Feb 24, 2013
Ban runs out on the 2nd. Im not a very proud person but i have enough sense of dignity that i wont be using that forum again.
I dont even download thier podcasts now as one of the mods/staff involved is in it :)
#16 funkylogik, Feb 24, 2013