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Support Will Best Buy fix a shattered screen?

So I dropped my 4-day-old (replacement/refurb) Incredible and the screen is shattered. I'm nowhere near my upgrade date.

I've seen the repair kit and video and am wondering if I could take this to Best Buy to have the work done. I'm not necessarily confident I could make this repair without doing permanent damage to the phone.

I'll give Best Buy a call later today but was wondering if anyone happened to know.

ETA: Just to clarify, no I do not have insurance, and yes I fully expect to pay a fee to BB to get the repair done.


#1 StatusCheck, Jun 16, 2011

No... they won't. Even if they do, they'll charge you an obscene amount to ship it to there shop where it will sit for weeks before they look at it. You're far better off doing the work yourself (there are a couple of ways you can mess up the repair, but it's generally pretty straight forward) finding an independent cell phone store that does repairs, or sending it to HTC.
#2 euph_22, Jun 16, 2011
This guy did it, give er a go!

he did a great write up with video!!
#3 ACD168, Jun 16, 2011
Thanks to both of you for the replies. I stopped in at Best Buy this morning and was told they can't do it under any circumstances. The clerk also told me to be careful about doing it myself because there are some bad parts being sold out there.

I also called HTC and was given a ballpark quote of $150 to fix the phone, and it will take a few weeks.

At this point I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do. I'm using the phone and while it's a colossal PITA, given how significant the damage is, the phone does indeed work just fine. Given that I plan to upgrade to a different phone when I can, I'm reluctant to shell out too much for a repair. I'm not certain I want to try repairing it myself, but I may change my mind on that. The thought of going back to my flip phone isn't appealing at all, but neither is paying full retail for the phone I actually want.

Bottom line, this situation kinda sucks.
#4 StatusCheck, Jun 16, 2011