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Will not connect to my wi-fi

Restarted router?
#2 Dannydet, Sep 12, 2017
It may be not the problem of phone. Just reset the router and restart.
#3 Matt Hogan, Sep 12, 2017
As far as 'Tried everything' that isn't very definitive, It would help quite a bit if you listed just what you have done to diagnose the problem to bypass a lot of repetitive comments.
Also more details would make it a lot easier for any of us to make actual suggestions -- What kind of modem/router do you have? Is this a problem that has just started happening or has this been going on for a long time period? Does your S7E have any similar problems connecting to other WiFi networks or is it just you home WiFi? Do you have other mobile devices also using your WiFi, and are those also an issue?
#4 svim, Sep 12, 2017
I just got the phone. I reset the router and nothing. I tuned everything off that was connected to my wi fi. Still nothing
#5 sb43, Sep 12, 2017
Is your network using WEP security? Many modern devices won't connect to that.
#6 mikedt, Sep 12, 2017
I'm not sure. It's an Xfinity router. How do I check that?
#7 sb43, Sep 12, 2017
On the side of your Xfinity modem/router will be a printed label with info showing a URL or IP address that you can use to access the setup menu. But this is only necessary if you're trying to access the settings. Odds are very, very unlikely that the default security is setting WEP anyway.
That label will also include the SSID (network name) and password of the default WiFi network. That's the WiFi network you should be trying to set up on your phone, using the indicated password.
#8 svim, Sep 12, 2017
That's what I keep tying in, and no luck
#9 sb43, Sep 13, 2017
I got it working! I pushed the WPS button on top of the router, and it connected.
It updated an system update, hope its not the update that'll mess my phone up. BTW, what the hell is Nougot?
#10 sb43, Sep 13, 2017 Last edited: Sep 13, 2017
Good to see your phone is connected but note that you should really, really avoid WPS in the future, it's not a secure standard. Router manufacturers tout it as a convenience but in reality it's a security weak point.
#11 svim, Sep 13, 2017