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Support Wondershare MobileGO. Does anyone like or use this app?

I'm coming from a 5 year iPhone background so please be kind to me. I know nothing about the Android OS. Some how I downloaded this app called wondershare mobilego. The interface is pretty slick but other than it telling me that my brand new phone is constantly using 80% of its available memory I cant find anything useful about this app. Does anyone else have any experience with this app good or bad?



#1 Steven V, Apr 18, 2015
Terrible app. Uninstall!

DO NOT use any task killers, RAM memory optimizers/boosters, battery savers/repairers, cache cleaners, antivirus, etc etc. None of that stuff is necessary.

Most such apps are actually counterproductive and some are just plain evil. They actually waste power and may disrupt critical system processes and degrade performance. Not to mention the nag ads they throw up.

Android is excellent at handling running processes and memory with no help from 3rd-party apps or user assistance.

80% used RAM is perfectly normal, and actually is desired memory usage.

Just let Android do it's job as intended, relax and enjoy your phone.
#2 Crashdamage, Apr 18, 2015 Last edited: Apr 18, 2015
Thanks man! That's what I thought. I appreciate you chiming in on this
#3 Steven V, Apr 18, 2015
So now what is the proper procedure for uninstalling an undesired app?
#4 Steven V, Apr 18, 2015
There's several ways to uninstall. The best method is:

Go to the main Settings > Apps > select app > Clear cache > Clear data > Uninstall.

This method eliminates cache and data files from being left hanging around. Some other ways to uninstall may leave leftovers, especially if the developer did sloppy work on the uninstall script.
#5 Crashdamage, Apr 19, 2015
Thanks again!
#6 Steven V, Apr 19, 2015
I disagree with some of the criticisms of Mobilego. The android app by itself and its cleaning features are unnecessary and useless. However once you also install the PC version of this software, its capabilities are awesome. You can sync, backup and restore using Wi-Fi or USB. Easily transfer files, small and large, between your PC and your phone. It's worth checking out.
#7 Snakeyeskm, Apr 19, 2015
There's fine apps dedicated to that purpose that skip all the unnecessary crap. IMHO developers of those apps are more deserving of our support.
#8 Crashdamage, Apr 19, 2015

Different strokes for different folks. Have you checked out the PC version and its capabilities? I would obviously appreciate some suggestions on apps that would match its capabilities. There is no question that the android app severely flawed in its boost and cleanup capabilities, but it's installation is necessary to exploit the fairly unique, powerful and completely different features of the PC version. Some of its features include USB or wireless back up, wireless files transfer, removal of duplicates in a very efficient manner, consolidation of different contact directories etc. etc. It's a pity that it's android app is and appears just like any other crappy cleaner/optimizer sold to unsuspecting users.
#9 Snakeyeskm, Apr 20, 2015
Appreciate the help my dude. I recently bought the Mobilego app from Wondershare souly to transfer my music from itunes to my Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and it worked fonominously. But when I saw the Mobilego app running on my phone I decided to check its capabilities. I kept receiving notifications srating that over 80% of my ram was being used and it prompted me to clean up the ram space and clear cache on my phone. I proceeded to do so. That's when the problems started. I noticed after running the booster that my phone ran smoother and smoother. But after a day of regular use of my phone things started to lag and apps bogged down to the point I couldn't run them to their full speed. Unless I went in and used the Mobilego booster capabilities which sped my phone back up to normal speed. Which tells me the app was the soul purpose of why my phone was bogging down. So I went to uninstall the application by holding the app and dragging to the uninstall icon and about 5 seconds later my phone was running smoother than Kate Upton's rear. THEN I come across this forum and your comment above recommending to go into settings and clear the cashe and data before uninstalling the app. I'm brand new to android so I disn't know the proper way to uninstall apps such as this one. My question to you is there any way I can check on my device to see if any unleft data or cache is still there? And how to clear that data.
#10 rvspeed, May 8, 2015
Generally, the uninstall process on android takes care off deleting cache and data. I have run across a few badly designed apps that tended to leave garbage and got into that habit. The odds are very good that mobilego is fully gone from your system. It's funny, that mobilego is a great program for backing up the phone on the PC and has some interesting other utilities built into the PC version. Unfortunately, the android versions persists in this garbage off boosting and cleaning up in an OS that does not need it. I still have it on my phone, but have disabled the phone booster capability and it stays out of the way till I need to back up my system, eliminate contact duplicates, Wi-Fi backup etc.
#11 Snakeyeskm, May 8, 2015
Appreciate the ever so quick response. This is a relief. I want the full capabilities of this phone since I just bought the phone 3 days ago in the 128g and knowing that mobilego is more than likely gone(including all data and cache files) from my device is awesome. Appreciate it man.
#12 rvspeed, May 8, 2015
If the uninstall script for Wondershare was properly written it's all gone. If it wasn't since you didn't use my uninstall routine possibly y have leftovers. You could do some searches with a file manager and see if anything shows up. But, sometimes apps use pretty cryptic names that you would never think to search for.

I say screw it this time. If anything got left behind it'd not doing anything and probably a miniscule amount of space. Just uninstall apps properly in the future.
#13 Crashdamage, May 8, 2015
Appreciate the help.
#14 rvspeed, May 8, 2015