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Root z4mod app

Unrevoked 3.2.2 works just fine on the Aria.
#2 tpbklake, Mar 2, 2011
I tried it, ran into some issues, corrected them (I thought) and tried again but still no root. I know it's something I'm not doing right. I had the instruction and the video from unlockr and did it step by step without success. I'm such an idiot!:eek:
#3 theandies, Mar 2, 2011
I can't get the the unlocker method to work ether. Do you need an earlier fermaire I have froyo now
#4 android272, Mar 18, 2011
If you have an official HTC Froyo update applied to your Aria then you will not be able to gain permanent root. The update upgraded the HBOOT loader on the device and that is what is preventing you from rooting.
#5 tpbklake, Mar 18, 2011