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General ZTE ZMAX Pro Issues

I am really having a lot of issues coming from this device. The hardware of this phone might be the best in a low cost mid-ranged smartphone but the software is so horrid! The issues I am having with this is:

1: The multi-touch issue - This is probably me but I can't place more than 2 fingers on the screen without the input just messing up. When I turn on "show touch" on the Developer Options, I see that when I place both my fingers on here it just freezes them both and stops working and then it goes back to its reset position like as if nothing happened. This is bad when I play game like Minecraft or Terraria which does require double input.

2: Fingerprint sensor isn't as responsive. I hope they fix this soon.

3: Playback on YouTube. It always freezes at the beginning and the video goes back to normal when it is done freezing. But from time to time it freezes throughout the video but doesn't really happen often. That could be me as well.

Can someone help me with this please?


#1 Bossyskate, Mar 14, 2017
Exchange the phone at your carrier. The multi touch is hardware problem.
#2 nickdigreat, Mar 14, 2017
I'm having the exact same issues with this phone too buddy. Can someone reply to me if the multi touch problem is software or hardware related? I need to know so I can take it back. Any game on the app store that I play has this problem and this needs an urgent fix IMMEDIATELY!
#3 GoodLieYoung, Mar 27, 2017
its a hardware issue. static , design flaw , wont be fixed by software zte wont acknowledge it because they will have to do something about it. plausible deniability. take it back to your carrier, they have to give you a replacement. its covered under the zte warranty. you best solution is to try another brand. i seen where people hard 2 replacements and same issue
#4 nickdigreat, Mar 27, 2017