AppShopper 1.4.4 for iPhone - Download

AppShopper 1.4.4 for iPhone - Download

Be the first to know about new apps on the Appstore

AppShopper is the official application of one of the most important online portals dedicated to the world of iPhone and iPod Touch apps.

To take advantage of what this app has to offer, you'll need to have an active 3G or WiFi Internet connection. Once you're connected, you'll enter directly into the 'recent changes' section, where you can view both new additions to the Appstore catalog as well as reduced pricing on other apps.

Other sections deal with popular apps, so you can see what people are downloading, your own downloaded and wishlist apps to keep track of what you have and what you want, and a search function that will filter results by free and paid.

AppShopper is an interesting app for any iPhone user, especially thanks to its feature keeping track of offers on the Appstore, which is sure to save you some good money.

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