Google Search 41.0 for iPhone - Download

Google Search 41.0 for iPhone - Download

Searching on the internet is easier and faster

Google Search is an application with which you can search on the internet from an iOS device in the most comfortable and fastest way. It's as easy as saying in the microphone that you want to search or select a photograph from your device.

The app is especially meant to function on iPads. It has a few exclusive benefits for this device that will make browsing from your bed, tablet in your hands, a delight.

One of the most curious benefits of the application is the one that allows you to solve sudokus by just taking a picture of them. Yes, if you're stuck on a sudoku, you can solve it by just selecting its image.

Google Search is a fairly useful tool that doesn't occupy too much space on the device and turns out to be really useful (above all for iPad users).

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