Modern War 6.8.9 for iPhone - Download

Modern War 6.8.9 for iPhone - Download

Modern war on your iPhone

Modern War is a military strategy and resource-management game. Your objective is to bring your nation (there are six to choose from) to the top of worldwide military dominance by using all of the weapons within your reach - and there are a lot.

You'll find at your disposal a selection of more than a hundred ground, air, and sea units, which you can command to attack your enemies or defend your base. You'll need to manage that base skillfully, building some of the more than sixty available structures, like factories, barracks, and nuclear power plants.

Get ready to complete some of more than two hundred missions if you want to progress through the game and improve your military might. These missions are proposed by different characters and require you to explore more than thirty different zones of the world map.

Best of all, you can contact your friends through the Internet to build alliances... or to declare war and face off in intense, real-time battles. In this way, you can win tons of different benefits to add to your stock of resources.

Modern War is a really entertaining strategy game, thanks to which you can enjoy the pleasure of declaring war on your friends and seeing their bases burn under the fire power of your fighter planes.

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