Radiant 3.19.7 for iPhone - Download

Radiant 3.19.7 for iPhone - Download

A fresh version of old-school space invaders

Radiant is a fun arcade game where you have kill countless waves of Martians and break up asteroids with your small but dangerous spaceship.

Both the aesthetics and the gameplay are simple and classic. All you have to do is move the ship from side to side to dodge attacks and aim at the space invaders, with your weapon firing automatically. The firing frequency depends on the power of the weapon you have, but you can improve your weapon with the points you get killing Martians.

The game has more than 60 levels and eight different final bosses, along with a simple but fun story line full of references to older games.

Radiant is a very entertaining and very long game. It's also surprisingly accessible for all players since there are several different difficulty levels.

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