Zombies, Run! 7.0.4 for iPhone - Download

Zombies, Run! 7.0.4 for iPhone - Download

Run away from the zombies

Zombies, Run! is an original mix of videogame and runner oriented to people that play lots of sports and that want to add a touch of fun to their training. Basically, the application will tell you a zombie story on your headphones while including your own music.

The application has more than 20 missions lasting 30 minutes each, which follow a story where you assume the role of Runner 5, one of the zombie apocalypse survivors. Your objective in the game is to complete the missions that your radio coordinator gives you in which you only have to do one thing: run.

As you are running the app will inform you of different objects to collect. Once you finish your run you can use these objects to improve the fort where your characters are refuged. Unfortunately, this doesn't happen in realtime in the game.

One of the game's features is the chase, which are moments when you have to sprint to keep the zombies from capturing you. If they catch you, all your collected objects will be lost.

Zombies, Run! is a very fun way to exercise because you can play while you work out, or viceversa. The app also has a GPS and accelerometer mode so you can use it outside or in the gym.

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