Theri (2017) New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Vijay, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Amy Jackson

Theri (2017) New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Vijay, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Amy Jackson
Vijay Kumar is the honest and sincere DCP of Chennai. He takes up a case involving the rape and subsequent death of an IT employee Raji. He finds out that the rapist is Ashwin, the son of Labour Minister Vanamaamalai . Vijay kills Ashwin and reveals himself as the murderer to Vanamaamalai, who swears to take revenge on him for killing his son. Meanwhile, Vijay falls in love with a medical student Mithra and both eventually get married and lead a happy life. But, Vijay's happiness is short-lived as Vanamaamalai, his younger brother Ratnam and their henchmen barge into his house one night and kill Mithra and Vijay's mother. They even brutally assault Vijay and attempt to drown Vijay's baby daughter Niveditha aka Nivi in the bathtub. The dying Mithra manages to rescue Nivi and asks Vijay to take care of her, but not before making him promise that he will quit the police and be a peaceful and loving father to Nivi, following which she dies in Vijay's arms. Vijay fakes his death, changes his name to Joseph Kuruvilla and moves to Kerala with Nivi and his constable friend Rajendran to protect Nivi from Vanamaamalai and his gang.

Movie:- Theri
StarCast:- Vijay, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Amy Jackson
Directed By:-  Atlee
Music By:- G. V. Prakash Kumar


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  • Syed Mostafijur Ali
    Very nice movie
  • Mohammod kaiser
    very nice movie
  • Rahul Kashyap
    Real hert touch film and nice story
  • Md Ashik
    Osm movie
  • Rakesh Kumar
    I am fan of vijay anna and this is the best movie
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  • raja shahbaz saad
    Ninc video
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    विजय मेरे फेवरेट हिरो
  • Anoop Kumar
    anoop rathour
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    I love movie ......theri
  • Ranjeet Kumar Ranjeet Kumar
  • Shahjamal Hoque
    small baby is very cute ... her acting is very nice
  • Shahjamal Hoque
    I m also biggest fan vijay
  • Sadmanrock88 Rock
    I Love it Movie history and it's really a different movie from others so thanks for the Nice movie present us !
  • Shankar Lendave
    vary nice 😂😂😥😂😂😂😂😂
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  • Kirti Angel
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    Vijay next movie MERSAL release on Diwali official teaser link watch & like vj fans...Most liked teaser in the world
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    what a amazing movie
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    awesome movie
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    I love your film ,Atlee.
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    Vijay❤️😘 ur ❤️Juzzz!! Owsem😍😍
  • Krishna Kumar
    one of the best actor,proving himself day by day
  • Rajat Badade
    upload movie with en jeevan song
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    Nice movie😇😇👍🏻
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  • guddu bhai
  • guddu bhai
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    Rav bool
  • Tharusha Tharusha
    I am a Sri Lankan man I love you Vijay
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    bro you are watch mersal teaser , its really wonderfull bro ,s
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    hii this video is a great
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    Vijay is jakasssss
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