Kushtiwrestling : Legends : Mausam Khatree vs Krishan Kumar- मौसम खत्री और कृष्ण बैयांपुरिया

Kushtiwrestling : Legends : Mausam Khatree vs Krishan Kumar- मौसम खत्री और कृष्ण बैयांपुरिया
Here two number one Indian traditional wrestlers , who fight top matches of Traditional Kushti Wrestling as well as participate at MAT wrestling are fighting the title match of the Dangal event.  They both have won national and international titles. Mausam Khatree and Krishan Kumar. For kushti lovers, their match was a real delight to watch. as they have fought seldom, so it is one of the rarest matche syou are watching. Notice the Dog sitting inside the arena , and indifferent to what is happening around , some way , it depicts the nature of mainline Indian media, very very indifferent toward Kushti 
मौसम खत्री और कृष्ण बैयांपुरिया की कुश्ती 
मौसम और कृष्ण दोनों राष्ट्रीय और अंतराष्ट्रीय स्तर के उम्दा पहलवान हैं।  दोनों पहलवान मिटटी की कुश्ती में श्रेष्ठ पहलवानो में से एक हैं।  दोनों पहलवानो की 
कुश्तियां कम ही हुई हैं , ऐसी ही कुछ विरला कुश्तियों में से एक दुर्लभ कुश्ती ये भी देखिये "-

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    both are jat.
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  • Suresh Yadav 9920762830
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    If I could pick what I would look like..be like....in life...I would have picked a Kushti wrestler. They're the best. :-D
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    solid beef. Simply irresistible men.
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    I wish God had given me that body. I'd be a world champ in some sport.
    so gud but no result :(