Mobile Repairing | YU Yuphoria YU5010A | Yuphoria Speaker Replacement

Mobile Repairing | YU Yuphoria YU5010A | Yuphoria Speaker Replacement
Mobile Repairing 
YU Yuphoria YU5010A Samsung ,Sony,  iPhone , ect.     
yuphoria Speaker Replacement  

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  • Unafraide Athavan
    Bro I want this speaker can u provide me...
  • Vinay Teja
    how to buy
  • thammarao sangana
    sir, when I calling others some times they says my voice is slowly and an old man voice. its happened some times. what can I do. mic and loud speaker r same or separate. which I replace. and how? pls sir
  • Befikra Rider
    where to buy
  • pk presents
    where can I buy
    pl upload a tut on headphone socket(yuphoria) repair
  • Rathan Stallin
    where to buy speaker for yuphoria