shaolin popeye

shaolin popeye

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Shaolin Vs Evil Dead - part 3

少林殭屍 (2004) - Part 3 of 9 (with English Subtitle) A Chinese hopping vampire film from year 2004 staring Gordon Liu. Cast: Gordon Liu (劉家輝) as Pak (Brother White) Louis Fan Siu-Wong


  • Azam Azizam
    cuma gua yang nonton film ini di 2017 ???
  • Ridho Mukhlis
  • Frity Frity Auliana
    very good the movie👍
  • Ovarr Gue
  • therempongs hd
    I love this movie...
  • gek tju Tjhia
  • Erna Agustin
  • Nasrul the sampan
    shaolin poppey - Super Mischieves --------------------- RIGHT
  • Rifqy Taqiyuddin
    what the name of this Movie .. ?
  • Arya Nurfalah
    i miss this movie
  • ss _aran111
    i love this movie forever.. childhood memories~
  • bintangku53
    erk..what name of this movie..i try find it, but failed...shaolin popey... this one is the best among the other series of shaolin popey
  • chrisoher
    the otherr oness were so good too! the hauntedd house! lol
  • XadieuThan
    can someone pls tell me what shaolin popey # is this?
  • KTh557
    i wanna watch the whole movie with eng subs... i miss it..
  • Alex Jiang
    this is actually super mischieves o.o
  • outtah
    does anyone have the one they wenty to the haunted house...
  • rigenzea
    hahaha i like the vampire and the last one bit! made me to buy this movie.
  • Timothy Wei
    okay first of all if you want to know whats this movie its called 無敵反斗星 in chinese and in english its super mischieves not super mischevious thank me if this help XD glad to help out and it took me days to find out this info wit the wrong info
  • brbn93
    is this shaolin popey ii? cause 2 is not like this .
  • leesta92
    whoever got this movie, can someone upload it please
  • ericcantona021
    ng man tat is always a funny character..
  • Mark Le
    the kids are so cute
  • keester
    Uh yea I realized that it's not part 2...didn't you read my second comment...
  • keester
    Ummm...wait...I think it's part don't really remember...haven't watched it in a long time
  • keester's gonna be hard to find it...try E-bay
  • keester
    LOL...I miss this movie...Anyways, It's called "Shaolin Popeye 2: Messy Temple"
  • aki tsuki
    hi i like this movie omebody knows how could I please have
  • Sharukurusu
    lol Wei Fei Hung fighting Su-Long man this movie brings me back lots of memories even though i watched it and i am not chinese i am hmong but now i can get the chinese version now
  • winaryor
    hahahaha i like the first fight scene with vampire and the last one LOL.
  • the 85'
    ive seen this one! this ones good
  • Linda Chhay
    can you please upload the rest?
  • Vincentceezy
    thix is da 2 one ight